Company policy

The group-wide introduction and harmonisation of our integrated management system (IMS) means that this company policy supersedes all existing company, quality, environment and energy policies.

The slogan “Textiles have a future – also in Germany” describes a long-term goal of the SETEX Group. We are implementing this vision of securing and reinforcing Germany as a production location.

To do this, we must make a sufficient return to be able to make the necessary investment in modern machinery and in a well-trained workforce. We support the further development of our subsidiaries while helping them to continue to establish themselves in the market.

Senior management at the SETEX Group is responsible for defining company policy and for its introduction, implementation and internal/external communications.

Senior management places an obligation on all employees to familiarise themselves with the IMS and to carry out their activities in accordance with the applicable rules to ensure that all activities are transacted in a way that respects the environment and energy, and provide faultless quality. Particular value is placed on the aspects of health and safety in the workplace.

Quality policy

Quality management for the SETEX Group means meeting all the contractually agreed requirements of our customers, as well as further requirements of interested parties. The Group-wide slogan above particularly conveys the specific responsibility in terms of our products’ quality and the services we provide.

The SETEX Group is aware of this responsibility and wants to meet such responsibility by offering expert technical advice for the various applications, through the competitiveness of our products and services and by processing orders in a faultless and timely manner.

Energy policy

Energy management for the SETEX Group means identifying all obligations resulting, for example, from statutory requirements through the application and consumption of energy and safeguarding their implementation.

Environmental policy

Environmental management for the SETEX Group means the obligation to avoid environmental pollution and to analyse and sustainably implement requirements resulting from laws, directives and acts, and other compulsory requirements.

Implementing the IMS described in our software WissIntra is intended to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide safe workplaces
  • Active and preventative environmental protection
  • Motivated employees
  • Access to new application areas and markets
  • Economic success
  • Procure safe and environmentally and energy-conscious products and services.

We are committed to continuously improve the effectiveness of our IMS and therefore to sustainably improve our environmental services (including energy performance) and the quality of our products and services.

The IMS enjoys unlimited support and encouragement from senior management at the SETEX Group. Any information and resources required are made available as necessary.